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Ultra lightweight technical

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This technical sleeveless t-shirt is soft and cool, and provides exceptional sensations of comfort and lightness, in addition to enhanced breathability. It is a very versatile garment offering outstanding performance.

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  • Highly breathable and quick-drying garment that provides thermal comfort in both summer and winter.
  • Designed to protect against chafing and contact with garments having lower technical performance, such as polyester t-shirts or jerseys, while also providing excellent sensations when used as a single garment in hot weather.
  • The particular structure of its fabric with small perforations and its composition of polypropylene microfiber make the MADO an extremely light and soft garment.
  • Its hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic fabric prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors.
    • Tight fit and no side seams.

  • Indoor and outdoor activities (especially trail, running and cycling).
  • It can be used as a single layer in any activity and, thanks to its snug fit and the exceptional thermal performance of polypropylene, it is equally suitable as a thermal first layer in low temperatures.

  • 80% polypropylene
  • 20% polyamide

  • Its fabric is the thinnest and lightest in our catalog, and being a tight fitting garment it provides thermal comfort over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Owing to its microfiber composition and the peculiarities of its fabric it is not resistant to continued rubbing. If used as a single layer it is sensitive to the friction produced by rigid or abrasive items such as backpacks and fanny packs, which may cause breakage of fibers known as pilling, and the consequent deterioration of the garment.

Manufactured in Spain

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