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Differential compression

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The BANZAI differential compression tights are the pirate version of the KAMIKAZE. They are characterized by the high degree of effective compression in the upper half of the legs and optimal conditions of thermal comfort in both summer and winter. The tights reach below the knee, fit snugly and stay in place, and offer excellent moisture-wicking performance.

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  • Differential compression allows more pressure to be applied to the muscle groups that suffer most during athletic activities.
  • The lightweight elastic fabric provides firm muscle compression without reducing mobility.
  • Its polypropylene composition with outstanding moisture-wicking properties provides thermal comfort over a wide range of temperatures.
  • The ergonomic design of the knee area prevents the tights from moving, minimizing wrinkling in the back and optimizing moisture wicking.
    • It has two elastic expandable side pockets with capacity for gels, energy bars and small media players. Their teardrop design keeps objects from falling out while the compression of the fabric holds contents in place.
    • All seams are flat, which minimizes the risk of chafing.

  • Trail and running.
  • Indoor activities with high muscular demand.
  • Recommended for people who require a high degree of compression, whether because of muscle soreness, highly developed musculature or the practice of activities demanding high power.


  • These tights, along with the KAMIKAZE and the MAMBA, are the most compressive garments made by Hoko.
  • Compared to the SAYONARA, the amount of compression provided by the BANZAI is greater and differential.
  • Compared to the KUMO III, which has a lesser and more uniform compression, the BANZAI is thinner.
  • The fabric is the same as the KAMIKAZE.

Manufactured in Spain

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